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Hello Friends! 

Saturdays off are my favorite! You wake up in the morning, the whole day is ahead of you and hey you can even stay up late since Sunday is an off day too! 

As some of you may know Boston and the state of Massachusetts had the worst and snowiest record breaking winter this year. What you may not realize is that life still had to go on so We The People had to endure those frigid temps and depressing scenes. 

I’m happy to say Spring is finally here!! 


And with Spring comes new sunnies!


And open door WODs! I love working out in the fresh air! Today’s pre workout was a tough one for me because it included Bear Crawls. 

Who actually Bear Crawls after age 10? 


WOD Talk

The actual workout modeled after The Fight Gone Bad theme consisted of a new move for me. Wall Climbs. You literally walk your hands on the floor and end up somehow in a handstand for now we’ll just file this in the GOAT category… Moving on 

3 Rounds 

  • 1:00 Push Press
  • 1:00 wall ball sit-ups! With my new friend the 14lb ball (last weekend I broke up w the 10 pounder)
  • 1:00 Push Ups (wall climb’s cousin)
  • 1:00 Box Jumps
  • 1:00 Overhead Squat

I finished up with 182 reps. 

I love Saturday workouts specifically because I don’t have to do anything after!

How did you spend this spring Saturday am?

P.S. I’m plagued by typos and silly autocorrects when composing these blogs… I like to think of it as a challenge for my readers to guess what I’m trying to say… Join me won’t you?