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Good Morning Friends! 

Dare I say, I’ve finally found a workout routine and Crossfit box that I love. It’s been 3 months so I think it’s safe to say this one is going to stick!! I’ve been plagued with so many starts and stops I’m happy to report this to you guys I know you were wondering where I’ve been!

I’m alive and well and I’m drinking the Koolaid that is Crossfit Community! 

Wedding Update!! It’s less than 130 days till the big day! eye on the prize!

There is so much I want to share and say about my daring 5:30am wake ups, followed by my hour long sweat sessions and then a days worth of hectic life. I need to come back here to my beloved Burning The Candle friends and share. Truth is if I don’t start sharing with you,my friends and family may disown me for my now constant heathy antics! 

WOD Talk

I completed my first RX workout this week! For those of us newbies you know! This is a big deal!!

Tuesday’s session consisted of a decending progression of 30, 20 10 for time. I stacked my barbell with the RX LBS for Hang Cleans told my arms to suck it up they’re attached and will do what I say then proceeded to complete:

 30 Cal row 30 Hang clean 65lb 30 Strict Push-ups. Then 20 of the same then 10. At the end of the day my arms did not fall off and I did not die!! 

My time of course was not the top of the whiteboard but at 17:08 and a shout out from my Coach I accomplished my goal!! 


What hurdles have you crushed this week?