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Today is a rest day! Quite honestly it’s a much needed rest day after my little let’s walk 9 miles in the sand after a killer am WOD. Holy hip pain

I was chatting with my old college roommate and close confidante Amanda today about the fun, young and crazy shenanigans we used to pull off back in the day. Now it’s early to bed and hip pain… Seriously… Where does the Youth go?

Anyways lets talk meal time and dessert! 

Tonight on the menu we have Salmon, Rice and Broccoli. Like most average Americans I have no clue how to properly cook fish so I’ll wing it.. Or is it Fin it… Or scale it! Ah see what I did there fellow CF’ers. Ok enough is enough queue the cooking in action photo:


This morning on my awesome traffic free train ride in I found this sweet “TO-OATS” amazingly easy recipe via this blog Simonemckenna.com

1/2 Banana

1/4 cup oats

Mash in bowl, throw in frying pan, added a little coconut oil for love and vwuala! 

Queue dessert!!


I added a little honey on top just the right kind of “something” that was needed!

Any Salmon tricks out there?

What toppings do you like on your dessert oats?