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Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening! 

This mornings workout was a pure sweaty, breathy mess for me. My favorite right? They say you have to start somewhere, so this is me 6am solo workout with my CF Coach modifying and motivating me. 

On deck (after a quick little 3 round mini WOD warm up) we have the following:

500m Row then, 50-40-30-20-10 wall balls and double unders for time. 

I was thinking about this post… I figured I’m going to put it all out there in the hopes that just one person will be inspired – #missionaccomplished

Wall balls – Ok so I’ve pretty much got these down so much so that last week while visiting Crossfit 576 in South Carolina I decided to break up with the 10lb green wall ball. 

We had a lot of “great” memories together RIP friend! 


That said my new “love” the Blue 14lb is often the ladies RX (pretty spiffy)… I digress. After 150 wall balls broken into sets of 5 because well it’s a new relationship here (and he’s a bit heavy)… 

The 14lb ball and I are going to get along just fine 😉 but man my breathing with this movement sucks! I’m like a 70 year old pack a day smoking women with these things… Spoken in said voice:”hey there sunny anyone have a trick here to breath” 

no but seriously what’s the secret people?

Double Unders – this is my GOAT 


Aka a Crossfit movement that you’re not good at…

It’s my current project to get better at these. Sure sure you’re supposed to practice outside of the workout and believe me I haven’t put my best foot forward here but I’m thinking about it… And I did show up early Saturday to work on these a little… So we’ll get there. 

Anyways my coach is awesome and modified the workout for me. Usually we take the double under # times 3 here, but thankfully this morning I was granted mercy? (Questionable…) I instead won the chance to jump a little higher swing a little slower and do 1 + 50% (which was sometimes more like 99%)… Anyways I did it, it was tough… 


Finished 19:07 

I will come back and beat this time!

Are you working on any GOATs right now?