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Hi Friends!

One of the most important things for me in my Crossfit training is Staying Humble! but to acknowledge successes and stick with it!

I have learned through my training so far that you can have really awesome days and then you can have days that are just plain rotten “I’m never doing this again” types… I find that staying humble keeps me in check and allows me to stay focused on sticking with it

This week I found myself at my 6am class alone with my coach. I used to dread being alone in class, but now I view it as an awesome chance to ask questions, try new things and of course not to slack off or give up on myself – basically I give it my all!

The planned WOD went a little something like this:

Minute 0 – 10

1000m row

Then find your max back squat

Minute 10-20


6 Pistols

6 Handstand Push-ups 

6 KB swings 

Minute 20

Run 400m

Then you’re done!!

Let’s be honest that’s a ton of work! But as I so fondly say “I didn’t die” and I PR’d my back squat. 

My Stats:

1000m row completed in 4:30.5

Max back squat 135lb PR!! Coach thinks I could have done more which is cool (ran out of time) my last was at 120lb #progress

AMRAP I got 9 rounds modified. I did pike push ups from the 20″ box and I moved up to the 35lb kettle bell!! This is not a permanent change yet… But my breakup with the 26lb kb may be coming sooner than I think!!

The 400 m run finished at 2:22 (I had to put my jacket on in the beginning so I’m a little slower than I hoped… it was only in the 30’s)

What motivates you?

Hit any PR’s recently? Shout out success!!