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This morning I was NOT feeling it… I’m exhausted from a hectic work week already and what was a very long busy weekend. Last night I was seriously in bed with lights out at 8:30pm… Who have I become… I woke up, geared up and out to meet my friend “Sally Up” 

But first I had a metcon to tackle…

This morning I was flying solo in my 6am class. I recently had a convo with my coach about this and I told him “you can’t pay me to get up early enough for the 5am class” and facts are facts folks… Thankfully he’s a decent guy with a good sense of humor so it’s all good 🙂

The metcon consisted of 8 rounds for time:

10 10 meter sprints (that’s not a typo)

10 kbs at 35lbs

Rest 30 seconds

I finished at 12:47 bright red and sweaty… My coach even put a smiley face on my board next to my time. Because I’m a decent person with a good sense of humor and entertaining commentary overall… 

Then after a little rest… I met Sally Up…

Sally Up is a pretty interesting song with a good beat… Until you have a 35lb bar on your back and you can only go up or down in squat position when the (bitch) I mean lady in the song says so… 

It’s 3:30 minutes of pure squatting bliss

Here’s a little video of Sally Up in action…

This is truth people:


The last minute was terrible and there’s this verse where you know she’s going to say up and she doesn’t… The bitch is tricky!! Coach tells me it’s all a mental game and he’s right my legs weren’t falling off and it’s only 35lbs hell my max is 135lb (right now). 

Until we meet again Sally Up…

Have you Sally Up’d?

Are there any other awful songs out there related to Crossfit!!??