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Hey Friends!

Well here I am again talking about GOATS… 

You know this guy: 

Pull ups! I am a bit on the weak side with my arm strength to put it nicely #spaghettiarms. I have been safe harboring myself in the land of ring rows for ages. But playing it safe isn’t always the best strategy for reaching your goals. One of my two goats for the year 

1. Pull Ups 

2. Double Unders

I know I need to make a change to further challenge myself here!
Found this fun motivational quote on Pinterest:  
This mornings Helen-ish WOD consisted of 3 rounds for time:

800m run

21 box jumps @ 20″

12 pull ups

Motivated by my upcoming wedding/honeymoon (maybe I’Il talk more about this?)… I powered through my run, fired into step ups while I caught my breath enough to do full box jumps (thanks for the tip to do this coach!) and then came pull-ups… No ring rows for this chick (this time)… With the aid of the big green band I quickly got 6 pull-ups then a mental break and 4 more, then of course I said to self go get those last two!! These inner dialogues took place through the whole WOD. 

Do you guys talk yourselves through the work? Do you talk back…? šŸ˜

I finished this Helen-ish gem in 20:33 and coach told me I’m a fast runner āœ… #win 

I guess it’s time to think about seriously breaking up with ring rows for real. The last round of Helen approaching 36 banded pull ups total was tough but like the quote above says it’s time for a change šŸ˜Ž

Conquer any challenges lately?

Have a great day!