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Hiya Gang, 

I haven’t spoken much about this on the Internet… Let’s make it official 

I’m getting married!! 

August 2015 I’m officially off the market!!  

My wedding plans so far have been pretty smooth… Too smooth almost that feeling of this cant be right smooth… You know what I mean? But man putting these wedding invitations together! It’s sheer madness!!

There are so many things I hadn’t quite considered like:

Insert order, what’s that tissue paper for, there’s 2 envelopes and ones just for decoration!!, how to write people’s names on both envelopes, weigh it all before you put stamps on, 

oh and then the classic burning the candle at both ends problem how in the world am I going to get this all done!!…

Well thankfully my fiancé is a fantastic assembler, but man the time is definitely in the details! I’m happy to report that after just 1 week, 3 trips to the post office and countless hand cramps… I have about 10 left to go. And I haven’t had a single blog out to y’all during this time. 

I digress… 

Let’s talk pull ups! Last week I mentioned that I have broken up with ring rows… It’s all true and here’s the proof!



5 HSPU – modified to pike

10 Pistols – modified to banded

15 Pull ups – modified to banded

I finished with 8 rounds 15 reps (8+15)

This WOD challenged my upper body to a serious max. I shared with my couch the new soreness to which he said if you’re not sore you’re doing it wrong. He’s right and let’s face it this is not my first or even 100th time of post WOD or even normal workout soreness…

I needed to modify this workout for obvious humbling beginner reasons and although I don’t compare myself too closely to the more advanced people in class… I found comfort in hearing them say that the was one of the first workouts in recent times they had to modify too!

Anyways we survived and will live to conquer another day 😎 

Thoughts on this to share?